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Quality Partners

Providing clients with the highest-quality service is of paramount importance, and so we rely on the highest-quality partners to assist us with our investment strategies, as well as servicing our accounts.

Our Custodians:

Charles Schwab Institutional - A leading investment services firm with more total assets than any publicly traded investment services firm in the U.S., the #1 custodian for independent advisors, and a leader in asset management and retirement planning.

TD Ameritrade Institutional - A leading provider of comprehensive brokerage and custody services, and delivers one of the highest levels of security available to clients.

Our Technology:

Black Diamond – The award-winning Black Diamond reporting platform offers enhanced security and a confidential document vault, as well as a highly engaging and on-demand account portal that will elevate your client experience. A market leader in the portfolio management world, Black Diamond is used currently by 1000 advisory firms with a combined $600 billion under management, and continually receives very high ratings from users.

eMoney Advisor – eMoney Advisor is a comprehensive financial planning software application that offers clients both goals-based and cash-flow-based analyses and projections. The platform aggregates more than $1 trillion in client assets over more than two million accounts and services bulge-bracket clients, like TD Ameritrade, RBC Wealth Management, New York Life, and LPL Financial.

MoneyGuidePro – Considered one of the most visually engaging and comprehensive financial planning programs, MoneyGuidePro was voted the #1 Financial Planning Software by Financial Planning Magazine, and continues to be the top choice of independent RIA’s with no signs of slowing down.

Our Sources for Insights:

Bespoke Investment Group - Formed in 2007, Bespoke has provided clients with timely independent investment ideas, and are viewed as a refreshing change from the groupthink research provided by most Wall Street firms.  

FS Insight - A market-leading, independent firm providing world-class research consisting of five primary strategies: macro, quantitative, technical analysis, crypto-currencies, and Washington, D.C. policy. These strategies, along with our investment committee, are the foundation of our disciplined process and long-term philosophy. 

ITR Economics - Established in 1948, ITR Economics has earned its reputation for being First in Forecasts Worldwide.  Its unique forecasting methodology sets ITR apart from the rest of the industry, achieving an unmatched accuracy rating.

Refinitiv Financial Solutions - Refinitiv is a global provider of financial market data and infrastructure.  It equips the financial community with advanced technology as well as comprehensive data keeping financial & risk professionals one step ahead.

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