We base our approach on
the four C's...

Counseling, Competence,
Continuity & Convenience.

We can assist with
planning for all life stages…

We can assist with
planning for all
life stages…

Be they expected...

Be they expected...

... or Unexpected.

...or unexpected.


Investment Management

We provide investors with an institutional approach to portfolio management, backed by in-depth analysis and academic research to capitalize on ever changing uncertainties in the global financial markets.

Customized Portfolio Management

We believe clients benefit from customized portfolio management. Unlike some of our peers, we have no predefined model portfolios into which every client account must fit. Each client situation is unique and uniquely structured. We strive to be optimally sensitive to each client’s individual financial goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Open Architecture Platform

Our team has depth in all aspects of the investment process, from evaluating the vast landscape of fund managers, to creating customized portfolios without constraints. Our expertise spans from traditional to nontraditional asset classes, and includes personalized investments (for example, socially responsible investing). Because we have a history of implementing multi-asset class investment strategies, we have relationships with exclusive investment firms across the country.

Exceptional Client Service

Since our inception in 2005, we have committed to serve a limited number of clients to ensure you will have an in-depth personal relationship with our team.

Fee-Only Investment Advisory Services

The primary benefit of a fee-only advisor is the ability to provide objective direction to clients and to research the universe of investment opportunities without being influenced by any potential benefits. Next Generation Wealth Management was founded in 2005 with the humble premise that advice should not be influenced by commissions – a novel idea that still exists today.

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