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Investment Philosophy

We recognize that no single investment strategy will adequately address each client's unique needs. As a result, we employ an approach that merges client-specific goals with our core beliefs, such as global diversification and adherence to long-term thinking.

  • Active and passive investments
  • Adherence to target allocations
  • Low-cost investment strategies
  • Focus on after-tax returns
  • Regular account rebalancing
  • Ongoing tax-loss harvesting
  • Socially responsible investing (ESG)

Next Generation Wealth may combine both passive and active investment strategies in client portfolios. Passive strategies seek to replicate the returns of a broad index, such as the S&P 500 while active strategies look to provide returns that exceed an index.

Our open architecture platform allows us to recommend the best and most compelling investment strategies. Our clients are assured of complete objectivity in our approach, as we do not accept any type of fee sharing, commissions, or other incentives from third parties.

Simply put, we have the flexibility and freedom to offer our very best independent thinking along with the expertise and resources to execute on our recommendations.

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